Thursday, April 29, 2010

My graduation list!

Things I like about graduating:

  1. Gaining independence.

  2. Finally studying something I like.

  3. Opportunity to meet new people.

  4. After living 18 years in Vta., Im moving to the city.

  5. Living alone, without my parents guidance.

  6. When I visit Vta. for the weekend I will enjoy it a lot more.

  7. Change school, teachers, everything!

  8. Be able to go wherever I go whenever I want.

  9. I'll get my own car!

  10. I'll have my own apartment.

  11. Be with my boyfriend.

  12. Be with one of my best friends I rarely see.

  13. Go to restaurants I love (La Alcachofa, Jhonny Rockets, etc.)

  14. Finally go to different clubs (Bose, Chalet, Vangoh, etc.)

  15. Be near Cinabbonn!

  16. Visist my family that lives there.

  17. Eat Ben and Jerry's all day long

  18. Visit my godmother.

  19. Travel a lot (foreign exchange)

  20. Be able to wear winter clothes, which is completely useless here

  21. Go shopping anytime I want

  22. Go to the VIP movie theaters

  23. Be able to see the new movies on time! (not 2 months after they were realeased.)

  24. Next time I graduate, the grad party will be huge! (not like the ones here in vta.)

  25. My dad will buy me a new ipod touch

Things I don't like about graduating:
  1. I will miss my parents
  2. I will miss my friends
  3. I will miss my house
  4. I will miss my dog
  5. I will miss the beach
  6. Cooking 
  7. Cleaning
  8. Ironing
  9. Having to wake up at 5:40  a.m. to go to school
  10. I'll have to study more
  11. Less time to do exercise
  12. I'll have more responsibilities 
  13. I don't like the cold weather
  14. I will miss my mom's delicious food
  15. I will miss Vallarta's seafood
  16. I will miss Vallarta's beautiful sunsets
  17. Less leisure time
  18. I'll have to make important decisions on my own without my parents' guidance
  19. I will miss Vallarta's safe and calm environment
  20. I will probably be more stressed
  21. My school will no longer be close to were I live
  22. I will not be able to go wakeboarding
  23. I will miss Kensao
  24. I will miss downtown
  25. I will miss Mr. Picketts! 

Monday, April 26, 2010

I believe the excessive and inconsiderate use of natural resources, such as fossil fuels, water, trees, and plastics, to be the most significant problem that Earth is facing today. This contributes to the increasing levels of air pollution, water pollution, soil contamination, etc. Overpopulation has impacted the environment dramatically as early as the 20th century. Not only are there scarce resources, but also people are not being conscious of their use. The majority of the population, especially those who have the most, are being selfish and careless about the harm they are causing to the Earth.  According to Peter Raven, former president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science we have lost a quarter of the world’s top soil and a fifth of its agricultural land, destroyed a major proportion of our forests and other natural habitats without replacing them. We have driven the rate of biological extinction up several hundred times beyond its historical level, and are threatened with the loss of a majority of all species by the en of the 21st century.  It is time that we all do something about it, or else Earth as we know it could be lost in no time.

The majority of the problems that our world faces are derived from the excessive use of natural resources. For example: the atmosphere is building up of carbon dioxide due to our inconsiderate burning of fossil fuels, this in hand causes a major damage to the ozone layer (what protects us from the sun’s harmful radiation). Making a chain of horrific reactions such as the increasing of temperatures worldwide. This contributes to the rapid melting of the poles and therefore the future dramatic increase of the sea level.  In 2007, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's Fourth Assessment Report predicted that by 2100, global warming would lead to a sea level rise of possibly one meter, causing major catastrophes to cities located in the coast. It is estimated that a sea level rise of just 200 mm could create 740,000 homeless people in Nigeria, Maldives, Tuvalu, and other low-lying countries are among the areas that are at the highest level of risk. The UN's environmental panel has warned that, at current rates, sea level would be high enough to make the Maldives uninhabitable by 2100. As you can see one action leads to several consecutive events that are all harmful, unfortunately this is only one part of the problem.

Another example would be the enormous amount of waste humans generate year by year. Here are some astounding facts that will give you an idea of where we stand today.  The US has 5% of the world's population and 30% of the waste. US industry “admits” to 4 billion pounds of toxic pollution released per year (likely far more). Average person consumes twice as much as 50 years ago. Average American creates 4.5 lbs. garbage a day, an amount doubled from 30 years ago. For every one garbage can you put out at the curb, 70 cans were filled by all the processes 
needed in order to make it. 99% of all those things we buy are not in use after 6 months. Every Sunday, more than 500,000 trees are used to produce the 88% of newspapers that are never recycled. North Americans throw away 2.5 million plastic bottles every hour. Every year some 45,000 tons of plastic waste are dumped into the world's oceans. One of the results of this is that up to one million seabirds and one hundred thousand marine mammals are killed each year. Every year we dispose of 24 million tons of leaves and grass clippings, which could be composted to conserve landfill space.

North America is the number one region of the world with the greatest ecological footprint, according to WWF’s Living Planet report. Ecological footprint refers to the “resource accounting framework for measuring human demand on the biosphere.” It is about time that we all do something. Many of us prefer to take the pessimistic road and say “I cant make a change all by myself, so what the hell.” or say “Yeah, the world is changing but it wont affect me right now.” If we keep thinking this way, we will fall into the whole faster than we predicted. Here are several ideas of how you, as an influential individual, can help th Earth If we all committed to do at least 5 to 10 of the things listed, we would dramatically decrease the dying of our planet. Some easy ways to make a change that caught my attention are: avoid to buy bottled water or re-use the bottle a couple of times, turn off the air conditioned and open your windows, turn off the lights when you are not using them, walk more or ride you bike instead of using your car, use both sides of the paper or opt for your computer, take a shorter shower, recycle, etc, etc, etc.

We can all make a change, but in order to do so, we have to believe in what we are doing. Search in your computer watch the news, this is really happening, if we don’t act fast, catastrophe will be imminent. We still have time to save endangered species, clean ecosystems, maintain normal temperatures, and overall save the planet, our home. 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Commercial Videos

I liked the majority of my classmate´s videos, they were all very unique and entertaining.  One of my favorite videos was Marifer's. I liked it because it all blend perfectly: the song, the theme, the way the video was made and presented, and most of al...the dog, it was just so adorable. I liked that she used several tools, such as the music, the written part, the colors, how fluid the video was, etc. It was definitely my favorite. One that I didn't love was Ari's video. The point of making a commercial was to film it ourselves, she only copied videos and added a couple of words and music. It was pretty cool, but that wasn't the assingment. Personally I didn't loved my video. I liked the concept and how I filmed it, but if I could change it I would add some music and words. The problem was that I didnt remember how to do that. But I think it is pretty funny, which was my original goal. 

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Sixth Sense Technology

My reaction to this new emerging technology was of surprise. I was extremely impressed while watching the video. I couldn't believe this was even possible to do. This guy is a genius, what he just did will change the future for sure. Personally I would like to buy one, for its very practical and useful. I can make anything with this device, from taking pictures, copying text or images, passing documents to another computer, watching movies, games, etc.

The greatest things of this device is the fact that it takes pictures and that you can copy images and and text from books and pass it to you "portable computer". Overall it gives you so many useful things, its just perfect. Like being able to check your flight, checking the time in your hand, check the climate, etc. In reality this haves no limitations, the only problem may be that people could become extremely obsessed and dependent to it. 

I believe open source is making the device open to public, making it accessible to everyone. The pros of sharing the software is that we will all have the opportunity to use the advantages this machine offers. The cons would be that as all innovating devices, people become obsessed and extremely dependent to it. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I really liked the commercials posted at moodle. My favorite ones were the mercedes, berlitz, and the safety one, for they are all hilarious. Thats why they stick out in my mind because they made me laugh. One of my favorite T.V commercials promotes a salmon brand, and its extremely comical and i cant help laughing every time I see it. 

The element Im going to use on my toothpaste commercial is comedy. Everyone loves a funny commercial. The challenge Im going to face is to actually make my commercial funny. It may seem funny to me but the goal here is that everybody else also thinks is funny. Hopefully I will be able to achieve it. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


How technology was integrated into your education? What specific experiences (projects) do you remember? Why do you think you remember them?
Technology was integrated in simple ways. For example teachers would make us do projects that included the use of a computer's program. Such as: powerpoint, flash, real player, etc. A specific project I remmeber is one we made with Mr. Whitten were we learned how to record a song in a program called real player. I remember this because it was challenging but a lot of fun.

Is there times you can recall that you feel your teachers should have integrated technology in their lessons? What were they?
Not really. We have implemented technology in all our classes, I cant recall of a moment were we lacked of technology experience.

Why do you think that they didn't?
They didnt beacause it wasnt necessary.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Although it was a lot of work, and somewhat hard to accomplish it, the ending result is pretty cool. The idea of getting all of our videos together will look great. If we were to do it again I think we need another teacher too help us, beacuse one is not enough! Since we are not familiar with the program it was pretty hard to do the work. If I had another chance I would make my drawing much more detailed. Since everybody said it wasnt important, I decided to do it very simple. But at the end I realized the ones that are much more detailed look better.