Thursday, April 29, 2010

My graduation list!

Things I like about graduating:

  1. Gaining independence.

  2. Finally studying something I like.

  3. Opportunity to meet new people.

  4. After living 18 years in Vta., Im moving to the city.

  5. Living alone, without my parents guidance.

  6. When I visit Vta. for the weekend I will enjoy it a lot more.

  7. Change school, teachers, everything!

  8. Be able to go wherever I go whenever I want.

  9. I'll get my own car!

  10. I'll have my own apartment.

  11. Be with my boyfriend.

  12. Be with one of my best friends I rarely see.

  13. Go to restaurants I love (La Alcachofa, Jhonny Rockets, etc.)

  14. Finally go to different clubs (Bose, Chalet, Vangoh, etc.)

  15. Be near Cinabbonn!

  16. Visist my family that lives there.

  17. Eat Ben and Jerry's all day long

  18. Visit my godmother.

  19. Travel a lot (foreign exchange)

  20. Be able to wear winter clothes, which is completely useless here

  21. Go shopping anytime I want

  22. Go to the VIP movie theaters

  23. Be able to see the new movies on time! (not 2 months after they were realeased.)

  24. Next time I graduate, the grad party will be huge! (not like the ones here in vta.)

  25. My dad will buy me a new ipod touch

Things I don't like about graduating:
  1. I will miss my parents
  2. I will miss my friends
  3. I will miss my house
  4. I will miss my dog
  5. I will miss the beach
  6. Cooking 
  7. Cleaning
  8. Ironing
  9. Having to wake up at 5:40  a.m. to go to school
  10. I'll have to study more
  11. Less time to do exercise
  12. I'll have more responsibilities 
  13. I don't like the cold weather
  14. I will miss my mom's delicious food
  15. I will miss Vallarta's seafood
  16. I will miss Vallarta's beautiful sunsets
  17. Less leisure time
  18. I'll have to make important decisions on my own without my parents' guidance
  19. I will miss Vallarta's safe and calm environment
  20. I will probably be more stressed
  21. My school will no longer be close to were I live
  22. I will not be able to go wakeboarding
  23. I will miss Kensao
  24. I will miss downtown
  25. I will miss Mr. Picketts! 

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